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58 MW Power Plant in Mexico Starts Operation

In line with our strategic directives to expand into new markets, we are pleased to announce the commercial operation of our 58 MW natural gas power plant in Latin America. The power plant is on full throttle, producing power from midnight of June 1, 2022. It is expected to benefit at least 58,000 homes during the summer months, when the city where the plant is installed reportedly experiences a power shortage of as much as 400 MW.

“Upon signing the contract, Altaaqa Global had only 60 days to ship, install and commission the entire plant,” said Mahmoud El Zaafarany, Chief Commercial Officer. “Owing to the project’s short lead time, we had to charter vessels to transport the equipment from our facility in Jebel Ali, Dubai to the project site. Despite all the global logistical challenges encountered, we give it to our team, who stood up united and ensured the successful delivery of this pinnacle project.”

The client is one of Latin America’s largest and most prominent conglomerates. Through its various companies, it is present in a range of industries, including power generation, financial services, telecommunications, mass media, content creation and insurance. A company of the group with interest in environmentally responsible power generation, partnered with us after being selected to provide supplemental electricity to the city during the summer months.

“We are honoured to have been trusted as an energy partner by a well-respected global entity,” said Marwan Azraq, Chief Executive Officer. “We are all excited about this new landmark venture, which also reinforces Altaaqa Global’s reputation as a serious player in the market. We shall persevere to deliver a successful project to the people and to our partner and set the foundation for bigger opportunities for collaboration in the future.”


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