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Altaaqa Global Energy Services is a pioneering international energy services business providing cost-effective integrated power solutions, expert project consultancy and advisory services, and flexible contractual and project financing arrangements (including BOOT) to a diverse range of industry sectors, including mining, oil & gas, manufacturing, cement, utilities and process industries.

We are well-positioned to rapidly deploy and deliver best-in-class, tailored and highly efficient energy solutions across the globe.

Altaaqa Global Energy Services is a wholly owned  Zahid Group company. Headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the Zahid Group has over a hundred years of experience across 12 sectors. The Group represents more than 50 global brands and operates more than 30 companies in 18 countries.

Energy Services

Our power plants are equipped with the latest technologies and have the best fuel efficiency that will ultimately result in the lowest total cost of energy. They can be transported, installed and commissioned almost anywhere in the world.

We offer flexible contractual and financing arrangements (interim, BOT, BOO, BOOT, etc.) depending on the specific requirements, client investment and working capital availability. 

Our equipment runs on various fuels (diesel, gas, HFO) and can work in tandem with renewables and other power technologies.

Our power plants can be utilised for low, medium and high-voltage applications, and they can adapt to changing capacity demands. We can ramp up the supply to respond to peak requirements and scale down during low-demand seasons.

Qualified technicians and expert engineers manage, operate and maintain our power plants in accordance to our globally recognized QHSE policies –their safety, reliability and efficiency are guaranteed.


Our bespoke power solutions, comprising a diverse range of technologies, can operate on a range of fuels, including natural gas and diesel, and as part of a hybrid system with renewable energy plants.

Reciprocating Engines


Thermal & Solar
Hybrid Systems


Contact Details

Global Headquarters:

Address: Plot WF03 & WF04, Dubai South

Dubai World Central

PO Box 644341, Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 815 3300



Contact for Africa:


Nicolas Kuhn

Business Development Director

Mobile: +971 56 474 62 45



Abdou Sow

Sales Director, West & Central Africa

Mobile: +221 77 638 55 43



Contact for Middle East & Latin America


Nicolas Kuhn

Business Development Director

Mobile: +971 56 474 62 45



Mahmoud El Zaafarany

Chief Commercial Officer

Mobile: +971 56 174 95 11



Contact for Eurasia:


Serik Abildinov

Regional Director

Mobile: +7 705 654 0088

Mobile: +7 702 218 3092


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