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Altaaqa Global Energy Services is a pioneering international energy services business providing cost-effective integrated power solutions, expert project consultancy and advisory services, and flexible contractual and project financing arrangements (including BOOT) to a diverse range of industry sectors, including mining, oil & gas, manufacturing, cement, utilities and process industries.

We are well-positioned to rapidly deploy and deliver best-in-class, tailored and highly efficient energy solutions across the globe.

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Energy Services

With the commitment to providing best-in-class energy solutions with the lowest total cost of energy, we offer a wide range of technologies that can be deployed virtually anywhere in the world. 

Our power plants are managed, operated, maintained and serviced by qualified engineers and technicians experienced in ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability, while also adhering to the strictest standards of safety.

Empowering Safety

We at AltaaqaGlobal Energy Services believe in a positive safety culture with common core beliefs, values, attitudes and practices, enabling us to empower and shape our employees’ safety behavior.

This safety culture translates into ensuring that we carry out our activities and operations in a safe way that minimizes endangering our people, our environment and the communities we operate in.

Recent News

Across the globe, our world-class innovative, trusted and reliable energy services have made a difference to societies and our shareholders.

Providing supplemental power in times of low rain, and helping monetize a stranded gas reserve
Stabilising the Omani power grid with 24 MW with only 96 hours to install, commission and supply electricity
Overcoming social, political and environmental obstacles to construct in only 23 days a power plant that supplied more than half a million people with reliable power

Enabler of Social and Industrial Growth

We go beyond delivering trusted, innovative and reliable energy solutions. In all our projects, we ensure that we play an important role in the development of the communities we serve. 

From training technicians, to extending career opportunities to local professionals and spearheading community development programs, we do our utmost to promote social progress and enhance the lives of those that trust us. 

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